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Is A Rose A Rose?

Who has beheld a rose, with any thought, that didn’t marvel at its grandeur, its perfect symmetry, its delicate beauty and heady aroma.  One such work of intricacy could only thrive on the finest of circumstances, one would assume.  And so, I assumed.

My first rose bush was a tea rose, chosen for its delicate fragrance and vibrant color.  Selecting a protected and shady location, I prepared the soil with extra care, enriching it with deep, dark,  nutrient rich earth, in an area that was always moist and only received the gentlest of filtered morning sunshine.

To my dismay, the bush quickly grew weak and spindly.  The more I watered and fertilized it, the more weak it became. The more I protected it, the more fragile it looked.

What I didn’t know is that roses thrive in adversity.  They prefer well draining, sandy soil with just a touch of organic enrichment.  They excel with infrequent, deep soakings from week to week. They thrive in six to eight hours of full, scorching sun.  And they do best with prudent fertilization  limited mostly to  spring and summer. 

And so it is with us.  How often do we cry out to God to protect us from this situation or that calamity, to take away our suffering and ease our woes so we may have a peaceful and happy existence.  Yet what does ease produce in us?  Rarely a thankful heart.  Seldom a strong character.  Never a person of compassion.

Adversity is where it’s at.  Adversity is where we come to the end of ourselves, we fall on our face, and we meet God there. How much more we cry out to God, how desperately we rely on him in suffering.  And how much we grow.  Like the rose.  We develop and bloom new strength, and new beauty,  in adversity.  And we find God to be who he says he is, when we wait on him to work circumstances out.

Dare to take the road of adversity, dare to look for God in the hard circumstance of life.   Ask him to show himself, and look for him in the pain.  He’s there, and he’s up to something good.  For your good.


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